Terms & Conditions

25 Sep,2016

Terms & Conditions for Carriage for Personal Effects & LCL Cargo

It is the responsibility of the Sender/Shipper to ensure that Goods are properly & safely packed/sealed within Boxes/Containers to prevent any loss or damage to Goods due to handling and shifting during Carriage.  Transtar accepts Cargo on the understanding that the contents within the Boxes/Containers are in all respects watertight, free of harmful/flammable Cargo, free of leakage & odours and acceptable/suitable for Shipment.  It is the responsibility of the Sender/Shipper to clearly mark/include, accurate & complete, origin & destination Sender/Receiver Names, Addresses and Contact Details. 
Boxes/Containers may be opened/inspected by Transtar or its Agents, Shipping Liners/Carriers, Customs/Security at origin &/or destination end.  Cargo of a dangerous or flammable nature, Cargo which are or may become dangerous, inflammable or damaging (including radioactive material), Cargo which may become liable to damage any property whatsoever, etc shall not be tendered to Transtar or the Liner/Carrier for carriage without the express written consent of Transtar and/or the Liner/Carrier and without the Box/Container or other covering in which the Goods are to be carried - as well as the Goods themselves - being distinctly marked on the outside, so as to indicate the nature and character of any such Goods and so as to comply with any applicable laws, regulations or requirements.  If any such Goods are handed over to Transtar and/or the Liner/Carrier without such written consent and/or markings, or if in the opinion of Transtar and/or the Liner/Carrier the Goods are, or are in the future, liable to become dangerous, inflammable or damaging, they may be at any time destroyed or disposed of, or abandoned or rendered harmless without notice and without compensation.  


Transtar does not accept any liability for damages to and/or shortages of Goods while in Carriage/Cartage or at any other time.  It is the responsibility of the Sender/Shipper to secure the Goods through a comprehensive Insurance Cover, if required.  

The Shipper/Sender must at all times provide a true and complete Packing List and/or Invoice of the Cargo contained within the Box/Container (or any other covering).

Last modified on 26 Sep,2016